On Making Art…


When I was a child, I melted crayons.  No drawing or “coloring” for me.  I craved activities involving repeated actions and construction: embroidery, braiding, weaving: I made gum wrapper chains, lanyards, kites, potholders and models.  We lived in California, Hawaii, the Philippines and Japan. I still have vivid memories my parents’ garden: warm cherry tomatoes, roses, worms, bees, butterflies, fireflies, mud pies, grass, ants, fences, dirt and snapdragons.  

In that outdoor childhood space, I discovered and cultivated a relationship with revere and an inexplicable curiosity about opposites: 

order and chaos
heavy and light
control and impulse
solid and liquid
remembered and forgotten
one and the many
known and unknown


Ideas for my work reside in memory and experience…a smell, a sight, an idea, a touch.  I make the work to navigate towards an understanding of the outside.  


The materials can be liquid and solid, warm and cool, soft and hard and anything found… I work with: wax, steel, thread, plaster, glass, wood, rubber, plastic, cement and paper. 


I stack, glue, sand, rub, weave, wind, unwind, cut, wrap, polish, tap, drill and accumulate.

A Note on Multiples:

Repetition can often reveal, through the smallest detail, what is essential.

-Susan Martin